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As you approach 65 you are overwhelmed with information about the various Supplemental and Advantage Medicare Plans. Medicare alone is confusing. Adding supplemental medical and prescription plan choices may take you into an insurance nightmare. Especially at this stage in life health insurance is particularly important. At Claims Plus Insurance Agency we simplify the process.

After explaining how Original Medicare works, we will explore how each choice: Supplemental Medical, Part D prescription plan or Advantage plan will work in your situation. Working with an agent you trust provides you with confidence that you are in control of your health and your health care. At Claims Plus Insurance Agency, we will help you choose the right combination of benefits for you.

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  • As soon as I turned 64 I received so much information about Medicare, plans supplements, prescription plans-I was drowning in paper! I was so confused. I didn’t know an Advantage plan from one that did not have advantages. Michelle at Claims Plus Insurance Solutions was so patient. She asked about my medical needs and found me the perfect combination of benefits. I have called since then when I had a question. I spoke to Carol who responded to me in a day with the answer. I can’t say enough good things about the people at Claims Plus Insurance Solutions!

    Kathey Tappen
  • I have worked with Maria for several years in various organizations and she is deeply knowledgeable, easy and a pleasure to work with, produces enormous amounts of confidence and satisfaction to both me and all our staff. I will recommend her to anyone looking for someone who really knows how to navigate complicated and even simple health benefits structures. Thank you Maria!

    Chris Lymbertos (LinkedIn)
  • Maria helped me discover why I was paying so much money out of pocket and switched me to a health plan where I am paying less. I was hit with a couple of health conditions a couple of years back and needed good specialist recommendations. Maria went above and beyond to find the right doctors for my wife and me. I even referred my friend to Maria and she looked over his plan and told him to keep it because it was best for him. My wife and I are fortunate to have met her. Thanks Claims Plus Insurance!

    Bryant Sharifi (5 Star Yelp Review)
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