Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind knowing the right health insurance plan will be there when you need it.

People come to Claims Plus Insurance Solutions asking, How do I find the right health insurance? How do I find an affordable insurance plan? Is there a cost effective plan I may offer my employees? With the advent of the Affordable Care Act the process of obtaining health benefits is daunting. There are so many options to consider. At Claims Plus Insurance Solutions we offer hands on personal service, at no cost to you. With 55 years of combined experience in the health insurance industry, you may count on our expertise to guide you through the complex landscape of health insurance. Our goal is to demystify the process, ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing your health insurance will be there when you need it.

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Was your ambulance bill processed as “out of network?” Do not accept it. There are no “in network” ambulance companies. When you call 911 they send the closest ambulance available. (usually the Fire Department) Appeal the payment as “out of your control.”

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The Claims Plus Insurance Solutions team has over 50 years of combined experience in the health insurance industry. The landscape of health insurance is rapidly changing. We navigate these changes and ensure that you choose the right health benefits for your family and staff. We are pleased to introduce:

  • MariaMaria’s 35 year career in the health insurance industry provides her with the comprehensive knowledge of how the health insurance industry works. She offers both her understanding of benefit plans and claims systems to her clients. Maria is not an insurance agent you see once a year at open enrollment. She is there through the year if you have problems recouping on a claim. Her motto, “Never accept a declination without reviewing it. People pay your claims and people make mistakes.” Maria is a member of the Golden Gate Business Association, Axis BNI and the Bay Networking Group. She also sings with Threshold Choir-helping people in hospice with their transition.

  • MichelleMichelle is the behind the scenes magician of the Claims Plus Insurance Solutions team. She worked for 27 years in Operations management and Administrative coordination in insurance brokerage, primary insurance and reinsurance. She brings her well-honed insurance and organizational talents to Claims Plus Insurance Solutions ensuring that our clients receive timely and compassionate assistance.

  • CarolCarol worked for 35 years with clothing manufacturer, Jessica McClintock in the marketing and sales department. Her expertise in marketing and administration is a welcome addition to the Claims plus Insurance team. Carol ensures that the service to our clients is seamless. When Carol is not working on our team organization she volunteers with the Mission School District helping kindergarten children with their reading.

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  • As soon as I turned 64 I received so much information about Medicare, plans supplements, prescription plans-I was drowning in paper! I was so confused. I didn’t know an Advantage plan from one that did not have advantages. Michelle at Claims Plus Insurance Solutions was so patient. She asked about my medical needs and found me the perfect combination of benefits. I have called since then when I had a question. I spoke to Carol who responded to me in a day with the answer. I can’t say enough good things about the people at Claims Plus Insurance Solutions!

    Kathey Tappen
  • I have worked with Maria for several years in various organizations and she is deeply knowledgeable, easy and a pleasure to work with, produces enormous amounts of confidence and satisfaction to both me and all our staff. I will recommend her to anyone looking for someone who really knows how to navigate complicated and even simple health benefits structures. Thank you Maria!

    Chris Lymbertos (LinkedIn)
  • Maria helped me discover why I was paying so much money out of pocket and switched me to a health plan where I am paying less. I was hit with a couple of health conditions a couple of years back and needed good specialist recommendations. Maria went above and beyond to find the right doctors for my wife and me. I even referred my friend to Maria and she looked over his plan and told him to keep it because it was best for him. My wife and I are fortunate to have met her. Thanks Claims Plus Insurance!